Monday, January 29, 2007

whisper whisper

ella's trying to go to sleep right now. a nap, i mean. i can hear her whispering to her "buddies", as she likes to call her stuffed animals. once in a while it gets louder, then back to a whisper. i peeked in a few minutes ago, she had a book on her chest and was "reading." damn that's cute.

lately there have been so many things i've wanted to remember to write down for her. the way she has started to take care of her stuffed animals like babies. tucking them into bed and scolding them "lie down!" cooking in her new kitchen. this morning we were drawing together and i wrote a big E L L A across the top of the page. she pointed at the E and said "E!" she also has such a sense of humour now. she'll say something "naughty" to me and then flash me this hilarious mischievious smile. also, she loves to talk on the phone now. she gets on and chats with uncle brody and auntie tara or her nona. "hi-ee. yaya woom. doin? i mish you nona. i yuv oo nona." etc. it kills.

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