Wednesday, June 25, 2008

summer is good.

summer is good.
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nothing to say really. other than i love summer. i love thunderstorms. i love watching ella ride her bike and run from playing in the sand to the swings to the monkey bars. i love the spray park. i love swimming pools. i love the lake. i love sunshine and my skin turning bronze whether i like it or not. i love the shade of green that grass and leaves turns in the bright sunlight. i love sitting on my patio in the shade while ella plays in her sandbox.

Monday, June 23, 2008

to my girl

good mornin'
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i wish for you to be happy more than anything. i wish for you to know you are a worthwhile person, that you are a marvel.

i hope your struggles are just enough for you to know yourself, but not so much that you suffer. i want your joys to be massive and for you to know how to revel in them and appreciate them.

i hope you will care about others enough to act on their behalf. i want you to feel loved and strong and at peace.

i hope you find something(s) to do that make you feel fulfilled and powerful.

i hope you travel the world and meet amazing inspiring people. i hope you always feel grounded and safe and that you are never alone in the world. i want for you the chance to speak more than one language. to know that living in canada as a white woman is a privilege. to be brave. and curious. and hopeful.

all this and so much more i want for you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

internet friends

remember when it was cra-zay-zy! to say you met someone online - whether it was for romance or otherwise? for me it's become more and more the norm. i have this amazing group of internet friends that i usually refer to as "my online mommies" and they are the ultimate support group. even better, they are a sounding board, a friend to chat with who's available at any hour. and now that we're preparing for the 3rd of what has become an annual gathering, they are real flesh and blood friends. in the best, most real sense. the only downside is that they're not available to babysit. heh.

speaking of which, sometimes you meet people who aren't across the universe from you! and just the other day ella and i managed to get together with jenandtonic and her marvellous daughter charlotte. it was a thrill to watch our shy girls hit it off like crazy. ella, who has been clingy to the point where she won't even go upstairs in our own house without me, wandered off to another room and another floor with charlotte after ... oh, 10 minutes? i was kind of boggled. awestruck. needless to say, cutenesses abounded. and i can't wait to do it again. and jen is my hero because she blogs for a freaking living. at least in part.

end ramble.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

she's back

she's back
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nothing fills your heart with joy like a child's face lit up like this on sight of you. my daughter's been on holidays with her other mom for the past 10 days. longest fucking 10 days of my life, it sort of seems. the longest we've ever been apart, that's for damn sure. my heart was a sort of constant ache until this moment.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

learning to make an inuksuk

i signed ella up to take part in a sweet little workshop about building an inuksuk at the children's festival. inuksuit (inuksuk plural) were built (and still are i suppose) by inuit people - they are kind of like stone cairns that resemble humans. they were used to help indicate the way for travellers or to pass along messages or to store food under... (here's what wikipedia has to say about them.)

this is the third year in a row i've taken ella to the children's festival in st. albert. there are so many fun things to do, and most of them are free! we have big love for the festival! even though ella was quite sick this year, we didn't want to miss it, and she managed to muster some enthusiasm in the spirit of it all.