Monday, June 23, 2008

to my girl

good mornin'
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i wish for you to be happy more than anything. i wish for you to know you are a worthwhile person, that you are a marvel.

i hope your struggles are just enough for you to know yourself, but not so much that you suffer. i want your joys to be massive and for you to know how to revel in them and appreciate them.

i hope you will care about others enough to act on their behalf. i want you to feel loved and strong and at peace.

i hope you find something(s) to do that make you feel fulfilled and powerful.

i hope you travel the world and meet amazing inspiring people. i hope you always feel grounded and safe and that you are never alone in the world. i want for you the chance to speak more than one language. to know that living in canada as a white woman is a privilege. to be brave. and curious. and hopeful.

all this and so much more i want for you.

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