Friday, June 22, 2007

everything she does is magic

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she's on a monster kick today. running suddenly and leaping onto beds and couches, saying "oh! mon-ter!" and telling me she couldn't get her book out from under my bed because the monster under there would bite her hand and stuff. and when i was on the phone she climbed right on top of me saying "cary mon-ter comin'!!!" so i asked her if she was sure it was a scary monster? that maybe it was a nice monster. that we should go talk to it and find out. turns out, he was nice. so she invited him to her picnic.

and then, after they ate, she asked me where monsters live. i had to think quick, but i said outside. so we opened the patio door and waved goodbye. a lucky gust of wind made it feel right.

this morning she chatted on the phone with uncle brody and auntie tara. she still doesn't get that they can't see her. she's constantly holding things up to the phone and saying "yook!" she held a pontail holder up and looked thru it and said to uncle brody "see? see?" and when i tried (again) to explain that he couldn't see her thru the phone, i asked "where's uncle brody?" and she pointed to the phone and said "in there!" ha.

one of her favorite play games lately is putting everybody to bed. monkey. bunny. dolly. penguin. me. everyone gets their own pillow and blanket. everyone gets a kiss and a tuck-in and a "yuv you", and good night.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

blissful day

straws and connectors
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i don't keep up to date enough! i can't figure out a round up but i just feel like remembering a few things.
thursday i took ella to the children's festival. she danced to the music, built things, drew with sidewalk chalk, jumped in a jumping castle, rode a train, saw a troll, everything. and honestly? it was one of our best days ever. she was a delight to be around. she never tried to run away or misbehave. she stayed nearby. she didn't get overwhelmed by the crowds. she was happy to wait in line for her turn. she didn't fight me putting sunscreen and bug spray on her. she kissed me through the mesh walls of the bounce castle. she said please and thank you and went potty in a porta-potty and had no accidents. but mostly? she just was excited and having fun and it was a beautiful thing.
we went home after lunch and she had a good nap. when she woke up we went to the grocery store and again she was a delight. fun and silly and cooperative and grateful and polite and sweet. that night she went to bed with hugs and kisses and supar and spice.
i want to treasure every minute of that day.
not that every day with ella isn't lovely and i am grateful to spend my days with her. but she is two and lots of days include tantrums and whining and arguing and refusing and frustration. which is fine. but you know, we all like to revel in a good thing, right?