Thursday, January 11, 2007

social butterflies

for a minute there ella and i were social butterflies. we had amanda and brennagh over and the girls played like crazy. it was quite adorable. we ordered in indian food and stuffed ourselves. there was a lot of cuteness going on. the girls took a bath and ella demonstrated her dubdubdub (scrub scrub scrub) technique to amanda, then proceeded to scrub brennagh's back. ay. the cute.

the next day we hit my cousin's house and ella got to be the baby playing with her cousins mykelti and brydon. she adores the big kids. whenever brydon left the room even, she would call out "bydon! bydon!" she loved their kitty - amazing to find one not afraid of kids and kids' overzealous hugs. she was afraid of their puppies - they licked her hands and she cried and ran for mama. the best part - we hopped in the hot tub for a nice outdoorsy dip. ah, the steamy goodness.

and the day after that we met jody and anna and sophie at The MallTM! we took the girls on the train and the ferris wheel that looks like hot air balloons and the merry-go-round. [aside: i find mysef struggling to hold onto canadian/saskatchewan terms in the last year or so. i'm so tempted to call the merry-go-round a carousel and the bunny hug a hoodie. it's frustrating to me, this globalism of words. i like the regional difference.] best part of the trip to The MallTM? anna and ella holding hands walking along, like best buds. so amazing that my oldest friend's kids and mine will be friends. i love that like crazy.

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