Sunday, June 27, 2010


for chloe
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this blog is nearly dead. i'm going to need to resuscitate it. things have changed a lot around casa ella y kim. i don't really want to go over all the details. i'm just going to start back in here. because the child is having milestones like crazy and i wanna beam about it.

we went to sask for the long weekend in may and ella bonded with her cousin chloƩ like crazy. they played and played. it was wonderful.

we went again a week ago. and she got to bond with her auntie and uncle and cousin and nona. and she got to swim at the lake - The Lake - our lake, my lake, the lake i grew up at. these are all things that make me happy.

and the milestones!

she finished preschool. i couldn't go to the end of preschool party with her because of work and i was very angry and upset about it. but her other mom went for a little while and then her auntie went. but. she finished preschool. she was proud, and is so proud and nervous and excited about starting kindergarten in the fall. it's just so great.

AND! she lost a tooth. her first grown up tooth appeared, behind her baby tooth, before that baby tooth even grew loose. but it pushed and pushed and finally the baby tooth fell out the other night. and really lost it. we couldn't find it anywhere. i'm pretty sure she swallowed it with her bedtime milk. we ransacked the house. i even looked in the garbage at the park because she had gum at the park. sigh. it's gone. poor baby cried until i promised we would simply write a note and the tooth fairy would still come.a big tooth

and she did! pink glitter trail from the fairy door to ella's pillow. her little glittery pouch with the note in it now contains two loonies and two glittery barrettes.

wah. my baby is growing up.

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