Wednesday, April 08, 2009

the good.

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things are a bag of suck around here right now and i've nobody to talk to. so. what's good? ella learned what an exclamation point is but pronounces it "ex-amazin point!" clearly, the child is a riot.

and right now? after a full year of intermittent announcements that she was going to sleep in her own bed tonight and then chickening out every night, telling me "i was jus' jokin' you, mom"? she is right now, asleep in her bed. tonight when i asked if she wanted to sleep in her bed, she lept! as though i was asking whether she wanted to go to big rock candy mountain with toys on top. and she did. she went to sleep. when i turned a light on in the bathroom, thinking the indirect light would comfort her, she hollered "mom! it's too bright! turn off that light!"

she's growing up. my darling child.


The Hyperlexian Aspie said...

when my girl was 4, she was afraid to sleep alone, but too big to sleep with us (no room). i had to cuddle her every night until she fell asleep.

supa said...

Oh, I miss you.