Sunday, February 08, 2009

ella LOVES skating.

four years old is a whole new world. ella has sprouted an inch, a clothes size, and an attitude. hooo, the attitude. it's TFO after TFO around here.

but also with the adorable. her love of skating. i've never seen her love anything so instantly and with such abandon since, well, the wiggles. the first time she skated she was cruising around the rink singing to herself "i'm 'kating... i'm 'kating." a couple of days ago on her new skates (non-rentals) she would spontaneously shout "woohoo!" just from the pure joy of skating.

also - "i teached myself it." this may as well be her catch phrase. everything now is "mom, you want to see my new twick?" and when i ask where she learned that the reply is inevitably "i teached myself to do that twick since i'm four now. i can do so many things now that i'm four."

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