Friday, July 18, 2008

i grew up here.

the beach is yay.
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just was looking at this pic i took of ella on our recent visit to christopher lake. i grew up there. that beach there, where ella's lying? i took swimming lessons there as a kid. at 8 am. hot damn it was cold some mornings. i mentioned this on our visit. my mom said it was NOT 8 am. i was all it was too! she said, no, it was maybe 10 am. i said you're nuts, i remember distinctly it being the ass-crack of dawn and cold. we jokingly continued to argue the point. ella joined in. first she took nona's side and told me "no. mom, is was 10." "8" "is was 10!" "8" "10". . . you get the idea. awhile she switched to my side and argued with nona until my poor mom was blue in the face. i told her she'd better give up. ella is relentless.

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