Friday, August 17, 2007


hmm. what to update. there have been a thousand things lately that i wanted to write down, and i just haven't been keeping up! my mom was in town briefly. she drove her cousin out here because she (the cousin) is undergoing treatment for a brain tumour, and it's affected her vision, so she is unable to drive. anyhoo, they stayed with us, and ella was in heaven. everywhere we went, she was all about her nona. "where nona go?" "nona!!!!" accompanied by running and throwing herself into nona, hugging her legs. kissing her legs. so cute. my mom is pretty game for whatever, and ella digs that. this pic they were drawing together. and ella was "threatening" to draw on nona. mom was teasing her and they were laughing away.
recently we went to the lake and ella adored it. played in the sand for ages with a little girl she met on the beach. played in the water. wasn't afraid of seaweeds or algae. wonderful.
the other day i told her her pal brennagh was coming to play. and for the first time, she used the phrase "best friend." while waiting for brennagh, she told me several times that "mennagh is mine best fwend." the girls play and giggle so much now. they really are little girls now, instead of babies. i'll try to hold onto the babyness just a little longer though. listening to their attempts at pronouncing one another's names. ella calls brennagh "mennagh"; brennagh calls ella "rara".
ella has also begun to grasp places and place names. she now knows that nona lives in "chwisto yake" and that uncle brody (and family) live in "bamcooba".

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