Monday, February 26, 2007

cuteness round up

september 6
out of the blue ella started:

1) praising mama for doing things she normally gets praise for - i.e. pressing the garage door opener button. "you did it, mama!!!"

2) announcing "poop!" with every fart and poop she makes. only, she pronounces it "doop"

december 4
today, i was driving and ella was singing away and i was just hearing doo doo la la, but suddenly i recognized it - "santa claus is comin' to town" only from ella it was "san-na caws a tomin'. sees a seepin'. sees a-wayyyy. san-na caws a tomin'... a dooooowwwwn." i nearly died.

january 22
this weekend, with my family visiting? ella was slaying us all. she became obsessed with my brother and was in her room wanting him to play and hollering at him "UNCA BOBY! YAYA ROOM! BA-KET-BALL!" [uncle brody, ella's room, basketball!]

oh. also. we were trying to coach her into saying "uncle brody is a big baby" and she shortened it to "unca bi-ig baby". we were all on the floor.

january 23
a few minutes ago, ella was putting her bunny to bed in mama's bed. and she suddenly said very sternly to bunny "LIE DOWN". hmm. wonder where she heard that.

january 30
last night ella insisted that i get in the bath with her. at first i was refusing so she grabbed my shirt and started tugging at it and hollering "mama maked! mama naked!" at the top of her lungs.

february 22
lately in the mornings, ella has been rubbing her eyes and telling me "my eyes are boken, mama". broken.

february 26
today ella found the stash of old cards that i keep for cutting up and using in scrapbooking and apparently thinks that all cards come from my mom. she sat down and read each one, running her finger along each line of text chattering away random stuff, but at the end of each and every one, she ended with "yuv, nona".

i died. and so did my mom when i told her on the phone tonight.

also. today. i was talking to my brother and his wife cuz hi, her due date is TOMORROW and we're all dying waiting for the baby already. ella demanded the phone when i mentioned i was talking to uncle brody and auntie tara. she took the phone and talked to uncle for a bit, then would demand "yaya talk a phone a auntie cara" and then talk to her then demand "yaya talk a phone a unca boby" and back and forth, seriously, ten minutes they put up with it. it was awesome.

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